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​Join the Elite... Get Certified Now!

At SAFE® Academy, we have made it our mission to take fitness education in Egypt and the Middle-East to the international level.


In order to do so, we have taken it upon ourselves to revolutionize fitness education in the region through the creation of very comprehensive courses, continuing education workshops and lectures as well as the organization of international conventions and conferences, bringing you the best and the latest that the fitness industry has to offer.

Our Latest News:
SAFE Academy is now a Registered Yoga School !
As of November 2017, SAFE Academy is a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance. This makes us the first Egyptian academy to offer international courses accredited by the Yoga Alliance.
This means that all our Fluid Yoga™ graduates, from this date forth, can apply to register with the Yoga Alliance as RYT-200 !
Also, Karim Strougo, our president, is now an accredited Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), offering you the opportunity to earn Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits and Contact hours from the comfort of your own country without needing to travel.
​Fitness Foundations™...
The Newest Course from SAFE Academy !

Whether you are already a fitness instructor, personal trainer or dance-fitness instructor, this course will give you the scientific foundation you need to take your fitness career to the next level.

If you are considering starting a career in fitness, or if you simply want to understand your body better to be able to train yourself safely, this course will give you all the basic knowledge you need to design safe and effective workouts for yourself and/or others.

This intensive 5-Day Course will cover all of the following:
* Fitness Physiology: How the body systems work together to create movement
* Basics of Anatomy & Kinesiology: Bones, Joints, Muscles, etc.
* Applied Kinesiology: Safe and effective exercises and stretches for each muscle group
* Basics of Nutrition: The interplay between Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients and how they affect performance

This course is a prerequisite for all other SAFE Academy Fitness Courses.

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