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The SAFE Academy Family

Karim Strougo

As an educator, Karim Strougo is the founder and author of the first Egyptian course in fitness education entitled “Primary Certification in Physical Education & Aerobics™”, which was a revolutionary landmark in fitness education in Egypt and lead to a boom in the number of certified Egyptian instructors. In 2006, Karim also released the first edition of his Personal Training book entitled “Personal Training: A broader look on exercise™”, which was the official manual for SAFE Academy’s now famous personal training course by the same title. A newer, completely revised and updated version of this course will be released in January 2018 under the name The Professional Personal Trainer Certification Course™.


In 2009, Karim published a new revised and updated edition of his first course manual, which he renamed “The Professional Group Fitness Instructor’s Manual™”. This new edition was almost entirely rewritten to include some of the latest findings and researches in health and fitness worldwide. Since then, he has been publishing a new and revised edition of the manual every two years.

Karim is the creator of the Fluid Yoga™ Method, a rigorous practice incorporating Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. The Fluid Yoga™ Method is firmly rooted in ancient Yoga philosophy with a strong scientific foundation, mixing contemporary scientific findings with authentic Yoga traditions to make  Fluid Yoga™ classes safe for the general population.


In 2014, Karim launched his third book titled “Fluid Yoga™”, which is now the official manual for the SAFE Academy Yoga Instructor Course by the same name and, in 2016, he published the Level 2 manual for his now famous Fluid Yoga™ Method. Level 3, the culmination of the Fluid Yoga™ 200-Hour Teacher Training, is scheduled to launch in January 2018.


Karim believes that “With determination, today’s dreams are tomorrow’s reality!”.

Karim Strougo is the Founder and President of SAFE Academy, the most reputable International Fitness Education Academy in the Middle-East. He is also the Founder and President of the SAFE Convention™ , the ZEN Conference™ as well as an international fitness presenter, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and AFAA CEU Provider.


A renowned Fitness Therapist, Karim also holds a multitude of international certifications ranging from Group Exercise instruction, Personal Training, Yoga E-RYT200, Pilates, to Resistance Training and Biomechanics. He also has a long experience in working with clients suffering from medical and/or physiological problems.


Karim is the creator of IBM (Integrated Body Mechanics®), a revolutionary training method, which was the product of years of experience in personal training and a long and thorough research and study of applied bio-mechanics and functional training. IBM is commercially known as QuickSlim® and is the basic foundation for his personal training & fitness therapy practice in Maadi by the same name.

Yasser Dessouky

Yasser holds a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education. He is a teaching-assistant and Examiner at SAFE Academy since 2005, as well as the current Physical Education Supervisor at the Egyptian American International School.


Yasser holds Personal Training and Group Fitness certifications from both SAFE Academy and AFAA , as well as AITP (Aerobics Instructor Training Program) levels 1 and 2 certifications by Christi Taylor.

Since 2005, Yasser has contributed in most SAFE Conventions and ZEN Conferences with a multitude of master-classes. During these conventions, he also attended a big variety of continuing education workshops and courses relating to personal training, group-fitness instruction, fitness therapy, biomechanics and nutrition.


Through the years, Yasser has helped hundreds of SAFE Academy students achieve their goals of becoming renowned group fitness instructors, gym-room trainers and personal trainers. He also has more than 15 years of experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Shahira El Maghallawy

Shahira holds SAFE Academy certifications in group fitness instruction and Fluid Yoga, levels 1 and 2, as well as an RYT-200 Yoga certification. She is also a licensed Zumba®.instructor.

During her school years, she played basket-ball for the Zamalek club team. Her passion for fitness started in 2009 and, in 2014, she decided to become an instructor and obtained her Zumba® B1 license, as well as the Professional Group Fitness Instructor certification from SAFE Academy in 2015 and her B2 and Aqua-Zumba® licenses in 2016 and , finally, her Fluid Yoga level 2 certification in December 2016.

Since then, Shahira underwent a very thorough training at SAFE Academy to become a teaching-assistant and an Examiner and is now a well-respected member of the SAFE Academy Family.

Shahira currently teaches a multitude of cardio, toning and Fluid Yoga™ classes in various prestigious fitness centers and her classes have become quite famous around the 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed areas.

Ramy Ali

Ramy has a Bachelor's degree in Physical education and he is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor from SAFE academy. He also holds ISSA certifications in personal training, strength & conditioning and sports nutrition.


He is also a certified indoor cycling, DNA, TRX and TRX-Yoga instructor and he completed his RYT-200 Yoga teacher training in India.


Ramy also completed his initial training in Mat, Reformer and ISP (Injuries & Special Populations) from Stott® Pilates. He has over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry as a trainer, instructor and manager.

Ramy works to improve the fitness level of each member, regardless of age, skill or limitations and he always strives to drastically improve the lives of others through providing them with an effective and efficient fitness experience.

When he's not on the exercise floor, he is often found teaching group fitness cycling classes and yoga, two of his passions.

Aya Soliman

With her background as a dancer, Aya decided to turn her passion into her career: movement to music. But she also decided to do that in a professional way & get certified first. She obtained her "Primary Certification in Physical Education & Aerobics™" from SAFE Academy in 2001 and she started teaching aerobics that same year.


In 2005, Aya got her AFAA Group Exercise Certification and, on that same year, she entered the world of Pilates, which she fell in the love with and went on to obtain several Pilates certifications, including Stott Pilates® in 2011 and Peak Pilates® in 2015 and she's currently working toward her Level 2 Peak certification.

Another special landmark on her career path was her first yoga certification. Again she chose to enter this new world with her most trusted guide, Karim Strougo, and she earned her Fluid Yoga™ level 1 certification in 2015. Then in 2016, she got her Professional Group Fitness Instructor™ certification from SAFE Academy and she's planning to enjoy more of the magic of Fluid Yoga™ through level 2 in 2017.

With her non-stop passion for fitness and her insatiable hunger for knowledge, Aya is also certified in Spinning®, from Mad Dogg Athletics, Zumba® B1, Jumping® and AirYoga®.

Through the years, she has also attended a wide variety of workshops aiming to allow her to take better care of her clients. Such workshops included AFAA's Resistance Training, Perinatal Fitness and Midlife Fitness for Women workshops, as well as SAFE Academy's 3 major Fitness Therapy workshops pertaining to low-back injuries, knee injuries and shoulder injuries.

Aside from her regular teaching schedule, Aya also teaches Aquarobics and Mom & baby fitness; which are both extra fun classes both for her and for her clients.

Aya always says: "Clients leave their homes & come pay a membership mainly for their safety, so don't let them lose it".

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