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Learn the basics of Kinesiology and Biomechanics now. Take a journey inside the human body and understand how muscles, bones and joints work together to create movement. 

Understand the proper mechanics of exercise; how to properly train and stretch each of the major muscles in the human body.

Come and join this 6-day, 30-hour workshop and let Karim Strougo give you all the keys to understanding how the human body works. Learn the basics of Kinesiology and expose yourself to the fundamentals of Biomechanics.

Workshop includes 2 amazing master classes that will blow your mind away.

Fluid Yoga™ for Kids
Creative Toning

Even with the growing invention of new fitness gadgets every day, toning classes are still less popular than aerobics. Most people attend toning classes because they know they “have to” not because they enjoy them.

This workshop will teach you how to :
* Create very challenging, fast-paced and highly dynamic toning classes
* Take your teaching skills to the next level
* Learn a variety of techniques such as Choreographed Toning, HIIT and Tabata
* Keep your clients on their toes, motivated and always coming back!


Workshop includes 2 amazing toning master classes  and a big variety of practical drills

Toning has never been this much fun before !

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