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Coming to you in 2018, the newest course by SAFE Academy:
AeroDance™, the SAFE way to have fun!

Learn how to create fun and creative dance-aerobics routines based on a solid scientific foundation.

Some of the topics covered in this course will be:

- Basic Anatomy & Kinesiology
- AeroDance™ Styles: Modern Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Latin Variety and Oriental Funk
- Cueing and Musicality 
- Routine Construction and Break-down
- Class Format and Design
- Catering to Special Populations
- Exercise and Pregnancy
- Teaching Tips & Guidelines
- Practical Skills for teaching professional Dance-Aerobics classes
- Common Injuries in the fitness field

Whether you are a dance instructor looking to bring your talents to the fitness field or a fitness instructor hoping to incorporate dance into your fitness classes, this course is exactly what you need.

Stay tuned for more details soon !

AeroDance™ Teacher Training

This course is worth 18 SAFE CEUs and is enough to renew any SAFE Certification for 2 years*

*It is mandatory to show proof of a valid CPR and First Aid certification in order to renew any SAFE Certification.

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