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About SAFE® Academy

Launching in 2005, SAFE® Academy was the first International Fitness Education Academy to be launched in the Middle-East, offering the highest quality of education to fitness professionals. Through the years, SAFE® Academy has certified hundreds of fitness professionals who are now working in various fitness facilities in Egypt, the Middle-East, Europe and the United States.

SAFE Academy is also the only Egyptian academy accredited by the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School (RYS), offering a wide range of Yoga Alliance accredited courses and continuing education workshops, including the renowned 200-hour Fluid Yoga™ Instructor Certification Course.

At SAFE® Academy, we have made it our mission to take fitness education in Egypt and the Middle-East to the international level. In order to do so, we have taken it upon ourselves to revolutionize fitness education in the region through the creation of very comprehensive courses, continuing education workshops and lectures as well as the organization of international conventions and conferences, bringing the best and the latest that the fitness industry has to offer to Egypt.

In September 2005, SAFE® Academy organized the SAFE Convention™, the first International Fitness Convention in the history of the Middle-East, under the slogan of “Global Wellness”. The Convention featured some of the biggest names in the fitness industry in the world.


Since then, SAFE® Academy has organized a series of international fitness and mind-and-body conferences that revolutionized the fitness industry in Egypt and the Middle-East and set a new standard for fitness professionals in the region.


While surfing through our wide array of courses and workshops, you can see that we offer a very comprehensive and diversified curriculum to suit the various needs of fitness professionals, each in their field of specialization.

Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

We take what we learned yesterday

We build on it today

And we pass it on tomorrow.

Code of Ethics

We believe in and adhere to the following Governing Values


We share an abundance mentality:

We pass-on our knowledge and expertise to our students for the improvement of our industry as a whole.


We update ourselves:

We believe in the continuity and endlessness of the learning process.


We acknowledge our limitations:

We only teach what we know to be true, safe and effective.


We believe in cooperation:

By sharing our knowledge, resources and expertise, we grow as a profession.


We are educators:

We educate through explaining, demonstrating and convincing.


We don’t discriminate:

We provide equal and fair treatment to all students.


We see the big picture:

The success of our students reflects on us. They don’t have to start from where we started; we help them start from where we are today.

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